Yfz 450 top speed 2005

While the YZF remains mainly unchanged forso does its competition. Without putting everyone through another shootout, we can assume that the YFZ is still at the front of the high performance pack. In the late s, 4 wheeled ATV racing was much more simple. Between the creation of the first true high performance four wheeler in and local racers across the country competed on machines that were mostly if not completely stock. By aftermarket parts including chassis, suspension, and motor mods were becoming available, but were hardly commonplace.

It was a good time, a racer could go to his local dealership on Saturday, purchase his brand of choice, and take it to the track and compete on it on Sunday. Tracks at the time were less demanding on man and machine, and racing was more affordable. As manufacturers discontinued their support of ATV racing, and all of the big four, except Yamaha, stopped manufacturing high performance ATVs, the aftermarket revolution began.

Gone were the days of racing 4 wheelers on three wheeler tracks. Even the local tracks that we shared with dirt bikes were getting tougher. The jumps grew, the risks were bigger, and the price of racing ATVs was skyrocketing. By the turn of the century, manufacturers knew that the days of the two stroke were coming to a close due to emissions restrictions, so attention was shifted to building high performance four stroke engines.

In Cannondale tried to revamp the high performance ATV market with their exotic fuel injected aluminum framed FX While we feared this was another ending for our sport, it was the dawn of a new beginning as Yamaha released the machine by which all others are compared today, — the YFZ It is the fastest and best handling high performance machine produced today.

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Its competition can be made competitive, but the performance Yamaha delivers off the show room floor is unrivaled. Stock vs stock, the YFZ is faster, handles better, and has far superior suspension.

This makes us ponder a few questions. Is the YFZ inwhat the old cc two strokes were back in the s? Does it offer the local racer a platform on which he can compete without spending upwards of twelve grand? Is a stock YFZ capable of handling the demands of a modern motocross track without the benefit of aftermarket components?

Before we can answer these questions, lets take a closer look at what makes this machine so special, and its updates for The exhaust system on the YFZ is as restrictive as it is quiet. Should you decide to keep the stock airbox lid in place, removing it for filter access is as easy as removing three metal clips.

Machine overview At the heart of the YFZ is a cc 5-valve liquid cooled 4-stroke engine. Lubrication is handled via a dry sump setup, with the machines oil stored in an oil tank in front of the engine for better cooling.

With its bore and stroke numbers measuring in at 95mm x 62mm its obvious that Yamaha designed this large bore short stroke motor to rev. To decrease moving mass and further increase the engines ability to rev, Yamaha utilized a piston with a short skirt and small pin boss, lightweight titanium valves, and a lightweight flywheel.

Chain adjustment is more simple then on previous Yamaha sport models. Carburetion is handled by a 39mm FCR Keihin with a throttle positioning sensor. The TPS is an electronic sensor that adjusts the ignition curve to match throttle position.

The goal? Quick throttle response. Air filter access is a 30 second process thanks to a lid that is held in place by three metal latches. All of this is mated to a five-speed manual clutch transmission, with final drive to the rear axle being handled by a sealed O-ring chain.

It is constructed of tubular high tinsel steel with a geometry designed specifically for competition.

Still on a quest for weight savings, Yamaha equipped the YFZ with a plethora of aluminum chassis parts. These items include the upper a-arms, one piece cast aluminum swing-arm, and a cast aluminum rear subframe. All are very trick by production ATV standards.Countless magazine reviews, race titles and GNCC and quad-cross championships say so. Yamaha continues to produce the YFZ to be just as potent and it continues to dominate the industry well into If you prefer red and gray graphics on your YFZ you can chose those as well beginning in June Of course, the blue and white signature graphics kits are always an option too.

Yamaha ATV enthusiasts will be styling into and beyond, check out this rooster tail. Yamaha has upgraded several performance parts for and the early feedback from racers and fanatics is two thumbs way up. Take a look at more YFZr pictures…. The Yamaha yfzr frame is made from lightweight aluminum with a steel bottom frame that lets the engine sit lower to the ground resulting in a lower center of gravity.

The suspension parts have been given more travel and upon closer review a Kashima coating covers the front shocks. The YFZr Engine has also been beefed up in with an enlarged throttle body, a 42mm Mikuni vs last years 39mm, and a 12 hole fuel injector system. The Yamaha YFZ r has also made some improvements to comfort levels while riding. The YFZr seat is slightly narrower in the front while being wider in the rear to help keep you on the ATV while riding all out.

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You do plan on riding this quad all out right? Huge 65mm foot pegs scream for you to get on them when you thrash the front KYB shocks over their full 9. The rear end travels a total of 11 inches in stock form thanks to equally sturdy and fully adjustable KYB 46mm piggyback system. The YFZr swing-arm is made of ultra strong gravity fed aluminum to keep it light and rear stopping power comes from a trick looking wave type rotor.

Simple, buy used and plan to replace parts over time as your budget allows. If I was about to start building yet another low budget ATV project the Yamaha YFZ r would be high on my list of possible choices and here is why….

Your first purchase will be a complete ATV, hopefully at a great price, and there is an art to saving money when choosing the right ATV.

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Your two concerns when buying the core of your project should be a is it complete so that I can have fun with it right away and b is everything in working order. A YFZ with only new pipes as an upgrade has been a common scene in many riding areas and you might find yourself willing to spend a bit more on a new ATV exhaust system at the expense of leaving out other fancy upgrades.

Sometimes two is better than one, consider buying two separate ATVs if you find that together they have all the parts on your wish list.

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Be patient and negotiate like a pro by ignoring the good parts of an ATV and focusing on the negative. Since you have a very specific wish list and your goal is to cross everything off that list while spending the least amount of money possible it makes sense to avoid taking your list to a dealer who will charge top dollar, browse the for sale by owner listings and again, be patient!

Did I mention be patient? You can save thousands by watching the market closely, people do it every day. If you know of other good sources of used ATVs for sale let me know. A wider stance, aluminum and tension steel frame that bolts together to reduce metal fatigue caused by welding and an engine that sits lower in the frame are all welcome additions if you enjoy ATV racing. ATV fuel injection technology from Yamaha offers precise fuel delivery through a 42mm Mikuni throttle body and 12 hole injector.

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ATV by Brand.This ATV has everything that you look for in a sports model: Quick, nimble handling, very edgy and distinct aesthetic, and of course, a very powerful four-stroke engine. I decided to do some research to know the answer. There are also other factors that will affect the top speed, such as the tires, suspension shocks, the type of gas being used. This model has a top speed of about 18 MPH after removing the rev limiter. Without removing the limiter, the YFZ50 will be slow as a turtle.

If you are interested in tips on how to make your YFZ faster, then you should check below! Also, I provide the top speeds of related models, such as the Raptor As I said above, the top speed of a YFZR on a straight line is going to be around 75 MPH, but you may not achieve that if you try reaching that velocity in real life.

yfz 450 top speed 2005

This is because of several reasons. This is especially true if your ride starts displaying a check engine light after trying to reach the 60s. So if this happens, you are going to have to remove the speed limiter, which is located near the clutch cable mount near the back part of the engine. Also, another reason why you might not be achieving top speeds is because of things like the tires and gas being used on the quad.

If you are going to be trying to reach the 70s, then make sure your quad has new high-performance tires, especially if the current ones are worn out and the grooves are almost flat. Using old tires has the disadvantage of not gripping the road as well plus they are also dangerous since they are at an increased risk of bursting, so make sure your tires are in good shape before trying to reach top speeds.

But aside from those changes, the SE and the R have pretty much the same top speeds. The rev-limiter is a safety feature that Yamaha added so that kids do not hurt themselves by overspeeding. Simply remove this so that you can reach top speeds. If you are interested in watching it, click here. For a more comprehensive article on how to improve your ATVs speed, click here.

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If you are like me, then you probably own more than 1 quad. I have made more articles about the top speeds of several other models, so if you are interested in checking them out, here they are:.The combines a steel front section with an aluminum rear section and a detachable subframe. The goes another route with the frame. The lightweight aluminum frame bolts together! The frame member under the engine is steel.

The steel allowed the engine to sit lower in the frame.

Yamaha YFZ Top Speed

The front of the frame, where the A-arms attaches, is quite narrow to minimize changes in camber as the suspension uses its travel. The flip-out parking brake is a great design.

The does have reverse, but the does not. Instrumentation is minimal, but sufficient for the intended purpose. Both machines use the same-size tire, but the rolls on Dunlops, and the opted for a Maxxis product.

yfz 450 top speed 2005

The has a more roomy cockpit, but the is more adjustable, with four positions for the handlebar mounts. For those reasons, the feels much lighter than the Add in the fact that the is very close to the maximum allowed width of 50 inches and you have a platform well-suited to handle the snappy, instant power that the produces.

In the dunes, that translates to a machine that corners like crazy, stays planted and is superbly confident when terrain is cambered. This quad feels very close to track-ready right out of the crate. For tight trail and chop, the suspension passes more on to the rider than the does. And while it will torque up reasonable hills, it prefers to get the job done while screaming. With the tall engine higher up in the frame, a taller seat height and narrower track, the is also nimble, and it fits through tighter gaps.

The engine is a breeze to use on trails, though at times it feels like more than enough in technical sections. Comfort is good for the riding position and the way the suspension handles trail junk and sand chop in the dunes. The whole feel of the machine is more relaxed in a way that encourages long rides. The wide track, low CG and race-tuned suspension are up to the task of aggressive riding, and the machine is plenty powerful for most humans.

If your riding is more recreational and trail-oriented, then the R will suit your needs very well. Both bikes have the typical low ground clearance of any sport quad, and you must keep the rear axle, rear sprocket and rear disc in mind while choosing lines in rocky or rooty terrain.

Not that other sport models are any better in this respect, but we did have to stay aware. One thing is certain: if you demand performance in a quad, for sure there is something that will appeal to you at your Yamaha dealer. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.Among the new features of the YFZ model are a new pair of high quality, non-reservoir shocks made by KYB that have been tuned exclusively for the YFZ and designed to excel at handling a wide variety of riding situations.

The bike also offers significantly more low and midrange performance compared with the previous model. Yet despite this, the model still carries the same power output, thanks to a few Yamaha modifications that include revised cam profile and timing and new ignition mapping. As far as the chassis is concerned, the new YFZ has a lightweight, ultra-compact steel frame with an aluminum sub frame that gives the machine added flexibility.

2005 Yamaha YFZ 450

For the rear suspension, a highly tuned Showa piggyback shock returns on this newest model, with the only difference being found in the adjustability features. Other new features attached to the YFZ include a new push-button ignition, tapered handlebars, and an efficient dual-hydraulic braking system in the front with two-piston caliper in the rear. This increases the rigidity, allowing a reduction in weight while maintaining strength. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

Kirby Garlitos. Automotive Aftermarket Expert - kirby topspeed. Read More.

Yamaha YFZ450 Performance Build

What do you think? Motorcycle Finder:. Yamaha YFZ. Competing Vehicles. Active filters:. About US. Contact Us.

yfz 450 top speed 2005

Automotive journalist job.Now even more untouchable. Front and rear piggyback shocks adjust for high- and low-speed compression damping—as well as rebound damping and spring preload. Most powerful industry-exclusive five-titanium-valve engine and pound dry weight give the YFZ the best power-to-weight ratio of any ATV ever produced. Ultra-compact, lightweight, high-tensile steel frame with fully adjustable suspension means YFZ is also the best handling race bred ATV ever produced.

The YFZ comes standard with pushbutton electric starting, a convenient flip-type parking brake and suspension calibrated for performance. New, ProTaper aluminum handlebar is light, strong and comfortable.

New front brake master cylinder and lever gives excellent feel and feedback. New, drilled rear brake disc reduces unsprung weight and offers excellent feel and feedback. A new internal oil jet aimed at the piston bottom keeps things cool and well lubricated.

yfz 450 top speed 2005

An improved clutch offers consistent operation and big-time strength. Large-capacity radiator is optimally mounted in the frame to guard against damage.

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Reliable, pushbutton electric start in any gear adds extra convenience. Additional weight-saving engine features include: magnesium cylinder head cover and right side crankcase cover; small-design cam chain tensioner and oil pump; aluminum oil hose; and light CDI ignition unit. Dry-sump engine carries oil in an aluminum tank directly in front of the engine for excellent cooling and optimal protection from rocks or mud.

DC ignition system delivers ultra-precise spark and 3D timing for faster, stronger engine response during hard acceleration. High-performance stainless steel exhaust header is mated to a USFS-approved spark arrestor. Smooth-shifting YZ-spec ratchet-type five-speed transmission and heavy-duty clutch deliver all that power to the rear tires with maximum efficiency.

Large capacity airbox features no-tool access to the oiled dual foam filter for easy maintenance. Ignition coil is integrated into the spark plug cap; extremely light and compact. Independent aluminum upper A-arm front suspension features fully adjustable competition-spec Kayaba piggyback shocks with 9. New rear suspension system is YZ linkage-type, controlled by a fully adjustable Showa shock with Ultra-rigid cast aluminum swingarm reduces weight and ensures optimal suspension action.

Titanium heat shield is super light and strong. Long travel out back means an excellent ride and handling. Controlled Fill cast aluminum subframe is light and super-strong.At the same time, we regular Joes have a perfectly valid excuse.

We have real jobs, and the busy schedules that come with them. As much as we wanted to build our Yamaha YFZ to the moon, big motor modifications are expensive from the time you purchase, to the time it blows up. Our best suggestion is to keep the motor as close to stock as possible. This will also help the ATVs resale value later on. Just by removing the stock exhaust, you realize just how heavy and congested it is.

When we reached for the new FMF 4. This unit is one of the lightest full systems available for the YFZ. The muffler is constructed of titanium, while the Power Bomb header, mid pipe and removable end cap are all made of stainless steel. The muffler features performance tuning inserts and a spark arrestor module that Meets AMA sound requirements. With the spark arrestor module in, the machine won't go over 98db, however pop that baby out and its approaching db.

The system packs a more explosive punch out of the hole, it revs higher through the midrange and the top speed is s few clicks higher to boot. If you want to go a cheaper route, the Factory 4. This kit has you remove the stock filter mounting system and the mesh cage from the YFZ and replaces it with a filter cage and wing bolt mounting system.

The dual layer foam filter slides over the cage and tightens via hose clamp. We also moved the washer to the bottom of the needle. With the Air Box Lid on, you can use the stock main jet and move the washer to the bottom of the needle.

This carb is a bit more forgiving than the FCRs on the earlier models. The throttle response isn't as quick as the FCR, but the "throttle stab bog" is nearly non-existent. We did most of our testing between and feet. We made a gearing change to acquire more bottom end for the motocross track. The new gearing gave the YFZ much more punch out of the gate, and in and right out of the corners.

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For tighter and more technical tracks and tight woodsy trails, this is an awesome setup! It definitely takes away from top end speed, but on most tracks and in the trees, you would never hit top anyway. For longer faster courses, or open desert type terrain, make the switch back the stock front sprocket. The stock Yamaha YFZ is too narrow to race, but we did not want to pay for a full long travel setup. Most long travel setups are also too wide for many of our local trails.

Ideal for our trails, and much more stable on the track. The arms are TIG welded with chromoly steel tubing and use greasable needle bearings and seals, powder coated tie rods, sealed ball joints with nyloc nuts and lock washers and dust caps. They use the factory shock location and maintain the stock 9. The patented Slicast arms allow you to adjust your caster independently from your camber with the Slicast cam.

This Slicast setup is the easiest adjustable A-arms we have tested. They use custom shock gold valves, RT high performance lightweight springs, large diameter shafts, and stainless steel spherical heim bearings and are constructed of aircraft grade billet aluminum. The axle adjusts from 2 to 4 inches wider than stock.

2005 Yamaha YFZ450

We moved it the full 4 inches out to match the 4 inch wider Houser A-arms. ITP hooked us up in the tread department. When it comes to aftermarket mods on a sport ATV, the most cost effective way to improving your ATVs horsepower is through the combination of an aftermarket exhaust system and air filter.