Extraocular polymyositis in dogs

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Neuromuscular diseases can involve the spinal cord neuronnerve root and nerve, neuromuscular junction and muscle. Such diseases can be either acquired immune-mediated, infectious or inherited muscular dystrophy. Regardless of the particular area of the motor unit? Polymyositis, inflammation of more than one muscle group, has historically been used as a general term, including both immune-mediated and infectious etiologies.

Recently, this particular term has taken on a more defined meaning in human medicine, referring specifically to inflammation that is auto-immune. Weakness, often generalized, is the hallmark of polymyositis. Accompanying signs may include anorexia, regurgitation, ptyalism, dysphagia, dysphonia, changes in physical appearance to muscle either swollen in acute phase, atrophic in chronic phase that can either be generalized or focal temporalis muscles in the Vizsla, tongue in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and lameness.

Importantly, myalgia, or hyperesthesia upon muscle palpation, is not a hallmark of polymyositis. It is also noteworthy that temporalis muscle atrophy can be a clinical feature of polymyositis, in the absence of detectable Type IIM antibodies in the serum, negating a diagnosis of Masticatory Muscle Myositis. Spinal reflexes, namely patellar reflexes and withdrawal reflexes, may be normal or reduced. An inappropriate mentation, characterized by drowsiness, can be encountered secondary to pyrexia.

Keeping polymyositis as a differential diagnosis for generalized weakness is the single, most important factor to maximize our chances of diagnosing this disease process. Although any dog or cat, of any age, any sex, can develop polymyositis-,there aresome key signalments to be aware of. Large-breed dogs appear to be over-represented. Some unique situations exist in our literature with respect to signalments, such as Doberman Pinschers that have been given trimethoprim-sulfadiazine, dogs with concurrent neoplasia who develop polymyositis as a paraneoplastic effect or dogs with concurrent systemic lupus erythematosus.

Figure 1. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi showing the tongue atrophy seen in this breed-specific form of Polymyositis.

extraocular polymyositis in dogs

The immune system on the whole targets muscle. Circulating auto-antibodies to sarcolemmal antigens in Newfoundlands, Boxers and Hungarian Vizslas and an increased risk of polymyositis in in major histocompatibility complex-2 MHC-2 haplotype in the Hungarian Vizsla. Histopathologically, B cells are rarely identified in muscle from individuals affected with polymyositis, unlike from those muscles suffering from Masticatory Muscle Myositis. What tests can we do in our hospital to help us reach a presumptive diagnosis, without anything fancy?

A complete blood count, serum biochemistry, urinalysis is key to exclude anemia, glucose abnormalities and electrolyte abnormalities,namely potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphate. A serum creatine kinase CK level is critical as this is often elevated in inflammatory, as well as necrotizing and dystrophic myopathies. Importantly, the persistence and magnitude of elevations in this enzyme activity correlates with severity of muscle fiber disruption.

A strong argument for surgical muscle biopsy early in the course of disease is often made, speaking both to reaching a definitive diagnosis as well as supporting a given prognosis. Immune-suppressing medications are the hallmark of treatments, with an initial immunosuppressive dose of prednisone the cornerstone of therapy.

Often a second or potentially 3 rd immunomodulatory drug is added, to not only help provide a multimodal treatment approach but to help expedite the taper of prednisone, minimizing the serious side-effects that can be debilitating and potentially worse than the particular disease process being treated. Response to appropriate therapy is the best prognostic indicator we have in treating polymyositis. Making as timely a diagnosis as possible is so important, in order to minimize the degree of muscle fibrosis and muscle fiber loss.

The prognosis is generally favorable. Our board-certified team of Veterinary Neurologists here at Angell Animal Medical Center are here to help with consultations or any other questions that arise in Polymyositis.

extraocular polymyositis in dogs

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Learn More. How to recognize polymyositis in your practice? Who gets polymyositis?Back to Fact Sheets. Download PDF. Literally, Myositis means muscle myo- inflammation -sitis. This type of muscle disease myopathy represents a group of different diseases which all share the feature of inflammatory cells within the muscle.

The signs caused by Myositis in dogs can vary considerably depending on the muscles affected. Masticatory Muscle Myositis initially causes swelling of the muscles on the top of the head followed, a week or two later, by progressive muscle wasting loss of muscles. The dog usually has difficulty moving its jaw, which causes pain and problems when picking up food or drinking.

Eventually, Masticatory Muscle Myositis causes the muscles to become fixed so that the dog cannot open its mouth. The eyes may also appear sunken as muscles behind the eye shrink. Myositis in the muscles around the eye initially cause protrusion of the eyeball. There may be swelling around the eye eventually associated with deviation of the eyeball, and impaired vision.

In the early stages of disease generalised muscle swelling occurs and later the muscles are wasted. Other signs associated with Polymyositis include regurgitation of food and water, difficulty swallowing and sometimes breathing problems. Some breeds of dog Rough coated collies, Shetland sheepdogs, Australian cattle dogs have a condition called Dermatomyositis in which skin lesions develop associated with muscle atrophy, pain or abnormal gait.

Myositis in dogs can be confirmed by taking a sample of muscle tissue for examination. This will show the inflammatory cells within the muscle. Masticatory Muscle Myositis can be diagnosed by a simple blood test which measures the level of antibody directed against the masticatory muscle 2M antibody titre test. Other tests may be necessary to eliminate a potential infection blood tests or to rule out the presence of a cancer in the body neurological — chest and abdominal X-rays and ultrasound.

The main treatment is usually high doses of steroids prednisolone. Other immunosuppressive drugs such as azathioprine, cytarabine, mycophenolate, cyclosporin, and cyclophosphamide can also be used in combination with steroids.

The short-term aim of the treatment is to return the animal to normal using high doses of medication. When the disease is controlled the quantity of drugs is slowly reduced hopefully without the animal relapsing. The long-term aim is to take the animal off any drugs, but usually this is not possible and a continued low dose of medication is needed to keep symptoms at bay. All drugs can have side-effects and immunosuppressives are particularly powerful drugs.

The main risk of using these drugs is that the immune system will be shut down too much, making the dog or the cat more prone to infection. In the rare cases where cancer or an infection is found to be the underlying cause of the Myositis, treatment should be directed against this.

Unfortunately, the prognosis is these cases is rather guarded.If you're concerned that your pooch might be dealing with an inflammatory muscle ailment, he just might have a condition known as autoimmune polymyositis.

Only a veterinarian can tell you for sure. Exhaustion and problems walking both are common symptoms of autoimmune polymyositis in the canine realm.

Polymyositis describes an autoimmune disorder that mostly influences dogs' appendicular muscles.

Myositis Fact Sheet

When a dog has polymyositis, antibodies that wreak havoc on his muscle tissues develop. Although both types of animals can get the disease, dogs experience autoimmune polymyositis more frequently than do cats, according to Curtis W.

Inflammation in polymyositis leads to destruction in dogs' skeletal muscles. If you ever have any reason to think that your pooch might have autoimmune polymyositis, schedule a veterinary checkup for him immediately. Be on the lookout for typical symptoms of polymyositis. Apart from difficulties walking and fatigue, the inability to handle physical activity for long often denotes the disease.

Rigidness, too, is a key symptom of the condition. Other telling symptoms are muscle ache, muscle atrophy, weight loss, feebleness of the muscles, vocal shifts and fever.

Extraocular myositis in a 9 month old FS Golden Retriever

If it ever seems like your pet feels discomfort when you touch him, pay close attention. That could mean that his muscles hurt.

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Autoimmune polymyositis is especially common in dogs of big breeds, according to veterinarians Darcy H. Shaw and Sherry L. Ihle, authors of "Small Animal Internal Medicine.

Middle-aged canines are also particularly vulnerable to autoimmune polymyositis. Despite that, all dogs can get the condition, regardless of gender or breed. Boxers are mid-sized dogs that also are prone to the condition. If a veterinarian determines that your pet has autoimmune polymyositis, she can then decide which form of management suits his needs. When veterinarians look out for the possibility of inflammatory muscle ailments such as these, they often do so by analyzing blood count, conducting thoracic X-rays, examining the urine, looking over muscle biopsies and observing amounts of creatine kinase, an enzyme.

When veterinarians check dogs for autoimmune polymyositis, they aim to look for signs of harm in the muscles. Antibiotics and corticosteroids are both common forms of management for dogs with autoimmune polymyositis.One month prior to presentation, the owner noted redness in both eyes OU. There was apparent resolution and the medication was discontinued after one week. Two weeks later the owner again noted bilateral redness as well as swelling of the eyes. As there was no resolution of the clinical signs after 4 days, prednisone 0.

The dog had received 3 doses of the systemic corticosteroid without improvement of clinical signs. Vaccinations were current. The dog was otherwise healthy. General physical exam was unremarkable with the exception of the ocular exam. Exophthalmos without strabismus was apparent in both eyes Fig. Menace response and palpebral and corneal reflexes were normal OU. There was a slight increase in resistance to retropulsion OU. No pain was elicited on retropulsion, palpation of the masseter or temporal muscle regions, or on manipulation of the mandible.

No restrictions to ocular movement were noted in either eye. The nictitating membranes were in normal position and mobile. Anterior segment examination revealed bulbar conjuctival injection and chemosis, with multifocal mm subconjunctival hemorrhages adjacent to the dorsal limbus OU as the only abnormalities. Pupillary light reflexes were brisk OU. Funduscopic examination was normal OU.

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The lateral rectus muscle showed areas of myonecrosis, fibrosis and mononuclear cell infiltrates composed predominantly of lymphocytes with occasional macrophages. No abnormalities were noted in the biopsy from the temporalis muscle. Figure 2A: Low power 40X.

extraocular polymyositis in dogs

Figure 2B: Higher power X. Figure 2C: Temporalis Muscle. The owners reported that there was rapid resolution of the clinical signs with the prescribed therapy Fig.Hi everyone! Lots and lots of changes in the last two years. Recently Max started having pain in his hind leg, the knee joint was swelling and hot. He had an infection in the joint. Just something that can happen as big dogs get older.

It fused and he had a permanent limp with arthritis. He was developing lots of fatty tumors, all not cancerous. Except one that developed on the back of his thigh on his bad leg. That grew fast. We knew things were winding down. Figuring another year or so we decided to look for another dog to help Minnie, and us, when that time came.

A one year old rescue street dog from Texas. As Max worsened faster than anticipated we made the difficult decision to schedule him to be put down on the 21st. Two nights ago while begging for food which he got the tumor erupted through the thinning skin over it. He was bleeding severely, yet still begging.

I laid him down. Called for help from a friend and my cousin. My husband and son were both at work. Max weighs in at pounds. I needed help. She came to our house and Max took his final breaths here at home. He literally died licking my face, more concerned with his momma than himself. Life will not be the same without him. He was almost Hi everyone. He was fine one moment and in the next he was unable to stand.

extraocular polymyositis in dogs

After a little while he could stand but not without swaying. Walking was difficult, he looked like a drunken sailor. I called our vet we camp a hour away from home and they initially thought an inner ear infection. A month ago he had his yearly check up where he was treated for a little cough, and at almost 14 was again given a clean bill of health.

Labs run for his cough all looked good, his thyroid was a tad off but a second lab showed a more normal number. Sunday he was sleepy and still walking strange. He showed no signs of pain, and just wanted to snuggle.

Monday afternoon the vets suspicions of an ear infection quickly faded. Tuesday morning the labs showed what we all feared. Chuey had a fast growing tumor in his abdomen that was bleeding.Note that topics are not labeled, so you have to infer their meaning according to the words they are composed of.

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Dog Structures of the Head - Muscles

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