Bullied at school yahoo answers

I am being bullied at school Verbally I will say now that i do not want to have to go tell anyone and I can't beat them up either.

bullied at school yahoo answers

People like that are the one's that some people remember forever while others forget in a heartbeat. Even as adults we sometimes think about stuff that has happened in the past, some blame themselves, some see the bulllies for what they are; complete and utter cowards who seek satisfaction in someone elses pain. What you gonna do hun??? Bet you can't sleep at night, bet you get a knot in your stomach everytime you think about school.

Maybe sometimes you think what they are saying is true, it's not, you are right This doesn't come down to bright ideas, because your probably bricking yourself thinking about telling a teacher because you think that they won't believe you. Start a diary, tonight if possible, write anythingand everything in it.

Be honest about how your feeling, even if you think that it sounds silly, it isn't, it's evidence. Phone a helpline for young people or find a local youth service sorry, if you were in the UK, i could give you numerous contacts The helpline is so that you can be encouraged to speak about whats happening, to build up your shattered confidence I wish you nothing but the very best and all i will say is; There will be no better feeling in the world, 10 years from now, when you walk past one of those sad losers in the street and they look as miserable as you feel at the moment.

I was given this poem when i was at my very lowest. I was 15 and i thought that it would never get better, it did, it just took courage hug. The school must have a bullying poloicy and is legally bound to do something about it! Well, I don't know if this helps, hope everything goes well for you - above all keep your chin up and don't believe anything they say to you. Victims of bullying always feel down,hate to go to school, or too scared to tell their parents.

It's a terrible life. Kids that bully others want to feel big and impress their friends and have discovered the bullying gives them a sense of power. And it works ,but what the bully doesn't realize is that he is stuck with his reputation and will continue through life lacking social skills and tact.

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What will he think if he sees that his bullying doesn't affect you? He will no longer have the satisfaction of intimidation and victory in front of his friends. Most of the answers say "ignore them" - but that is easier said than done.

The best way to resolve this, believe it or not, is to tell someone. There is an old saying "a problem shared is a problem halved". If you are a child and can't speak to a teacher, call Child Line - right now. The are the specialists in bullying. Hey man, I read some of these replies and it is obvious that many of these people have never been bullied. Yah, sas back to them I remember getting my butt kicked when I did that.

I also remember what happened when I told a teacher. It actually worked! I took the bullying for a long time, then couldn't take it anymore. I walked into my principal's office and asked to talk, told him how scared I was about retaliation and he assured me everything would be fine. He brought these dudes in to talk to me face to face I almost crapped my pants.

But, I think it made them realize that I was just human and that they were really affecting my life.I don't quite get it. You mean because you were forcing the issue about your child being bullied the school turned you in for child abuse?

If that is the case get a lawyer and sue the child protection agency and school for enough to put them both out of business. Very sorry! I do know about this happening in the USA and the problem is only getting larger. Many schools feel they have the rights over the parents. They can and do paint a black picture of the parents all before the parents even know there is a problem.

Most parents NEVER suspect that the school could or would go this far and wouldn't believe they would win even if the parents had a crystal ball! Parents be warned In it you sign away your rights! It even states THEY have jurisdiction! Sorry to say but this is one of the major reasons around the Country parents have started to do Home Schooling. In many states, they aren't allowed access into the home, nor can the parents be questioned about the school work they supply the child.

In most all states, when the child has been removed from the home, the parents get a formal charge agains them. But there WILL be a court date and hearing to remove custody. I emplore you to seek the best attorney you can afford. Call your State Bar and follow the directions, and an attorney in that field will call you back. The benefit is that you get an attorney appointment for free, which most times is the first 20 minutes.

By doing this, you will learn a lot and it will help you start putting your ducks in a row to fight. After calling the State Bar, if you can't afford the best attorney, know that this can not be ignored. You MUST show up in court. Tell the judge you are without councel and find you can't afford one.

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Make sure you have several letters from different attorneys of their costs for a retainer to prove this to the judge. Right then and there the judge will ask and then give you paper work to fill out concerning your bills to see if they by law they have to provide you with one.

Prior to your court date, dig up every doctor known to you that you took the child to. Get letters to prove you are good parents and the child is not ignored, and you are not hindering the childs development!I am 1 14 year old boy in 7th grade and I get bullied all the time because kids know I am gay.

When I am in the locker room at gym class, they make fun of me. Today the cornered me and hit me with towels and 2 kids pee'd on me. What do I do? Tell a trusted teacher Bullies try to intimidate victims into not telling anyone DO IT! Trending News. Husband honors wife killed in crash with Kobe. Korean actress Song Yoo-Jung dead at Redditor bets on GameStop to pay off student loans.

A college coach turning down money? This one did it twice. Star was shocked to go from silent retreat to pandemic.

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Answer Save. Spock rhp Lv 7. Rick B Lv 7. You repot it to the principal. If you don't this will keep happening How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.

bullied at school yahoo answers

Kangaroo Lv 7. You're a hundred and fourteen and still going to school?My 8 year old daughter is getting bullied at school ive been going in to see her teacher and the head numerous times and this is still happening. They seem to be doing nothing. The girl who is bullying her is a brown girl and when asked about it by my daughters friend said she does it because she "hates white ppl".

I told the teacher this and she made some excuse up for this little girl. I keep going in to the school nearly every day after my daughter keeps coming home with bruises and says she has been called names. I dont know what else to do. Can someone give me any advice as my daughter is starting to get very depressed over this and I am very worried about her. The school just doesnt seem interested at all. I want to know what I can do next. I have tried to speak to the mother of this child and she just looked at me and said "me speak no english".

I do want to get this sorted because its not fair that I should have to move her away from her friends. Thanks all for your suggestions I certainly will be trying some of these. If it is private school tell them to fix it or Ur pulling Ur child and Ur money. If its a public school then keep going up teacher principal, school district etc.

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Also contact an attorney and threaten to sue at least in us that usually gets action. Also find from Ur daughter who else this girl bothers if it is a race thing she also must attack other white kids and get these parents involved together u can likely force action. Going to local media may have same effect. When i was a child 3rd grade i was jumped in the bathrom by a disturbed child who was in his 4th school. Mom went to principal who made noises about all kids need services until mom stood her ground and threatened to take legal action then the child was moved.

Also mentain you will take it to the paper and educational board that the school is under. If you do not hear from the school, or the bullying continues carry out the action you stated in you letter. Sadly if this is getting you daughter depressed it may mean removing her from that school for her own health reasons.

Bullied at school?

Unforntualy the mental health illnesses in young people and we dont want your daughter to be part of the status.

In the UK, all racist bullying must be logged by the school. You may need to remind them of this.I must admit I have been bullying two girls at school.

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Mainly in the locker room or after class. These girls are lame and have no self confidence, so this is what would happen to them anywhere. So far I am getting away with it, and I am not the only one doing it, but one of them nearly started crying earlier this week, like she was trying to make me feel bad, and said she was going to tell on me. I said well no one is ever going to respect you if you tell. It's not the first time she said that.

She is weird but I hope she not does crack and does not do something strange and I am doing them a service because you have to know how to deal with things.

Should I just stop bullying them before it gets out of hand?

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I never will understand how one human being can conflict that much pain emotionally or physically onto another, but the fact that you are asking if you should stop bullying these girls tells me that there is some hope for you.

Try to put yourself in their place. Picture yourself in a women's prison with women twice your size doing mean things to you everyday. You would probably be crying too. Please stop bullying these girls, and if you really want to take an extra step and be really brave, apologize to them for what you have done. Maybe that will help them get the self confidence you say they don't have.

First off, I'd like to say how amazing your daughter is. Not many kids, especially her age, would play with someone who gets teased a lot. Kids think that's it's wrong if you befriend someone who is different or is bullied a lot. You should be very proud of her. I'm not really that old, In fact, I'm in high-school.

I've been bullied every year since kindergarten, and I've had to move to FOUR different schools because of the severity of the teasing. I've not only been verbally teased, but I've also been punched, kicked, slammed into lockers, and hit with objects in school.Jean Clinton, Brenda Flaherty, and Dr.

Gary Warner said in a statement. The panel heard from thousands of students, parents, teachers and community members about bullying, culminating in a page Safe Schools: Bullying Prevention and Intervention Review Panel report released Friday.

The motion to accept the report and its recommendations was moved by Ward 3 trustee Maria Felix Miller and seconded by Ward 15 trustee Penny Deathe. THE HAGUE, Netherlands — People arrested during three nights of rioting sparked by the Netherlands' new coronavirus curfew will face swift prosecution, the Dutch justice minister said Tuesday as the nation faced its worst civil unrest in years.

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus said rioters would be quickly brought before the courts by public prosecutors and will face possible prison terms if convicted. The rioting, initially triggered by anger over the country's tough coronavirus lockdown, has been increasingly fueled by calls for rioting swirling on social media.

The violence has stretched the police and led at times to the deployment of military police. Grapperhaus spoke after a third night of rioting hit towns and cities in the Netherlands, with the most serious clashes and looting of stores in the port city of Rotterdam and the southern cathedral city of Den Bosch.

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bullied at school?

This was referred to as a year storm—meaning a storm that has a one per cent chance of occurring in any given year. Actions include removing vegetation, spoils, regrading the floodplain, improvements to the river channel and eventually a new watercourse connecting upstream Maitland River flow to Dredge Creek.

This would remove nearly all properties from the floodplain. Bridge noted these would be implemented slowly, likely over the course of 20 years, with each step slowly working away at the number of affected properties. Bridge said federal and provincial funding will be necessary for this. The federal government does provide some flood protection insurance for homeowners in flood prone areas but Bridge said he thinks the feds should look into flood mitigation to save money in the long run.

The federal government might want to get out of the business of just putting the patch on. Manitoba has been responsible in managing our vaccine supply, but we continue to see the effects of the supply reductions," said Reimer.

The planned Feb. Reimer said the province will receive an update from the federal government — which is responsible for vaccine deployment to provinces and territories — on Friday.I told the principal and he finally had a little chat with the 2 kids who sexually bullied me. Later atleast 3 other people i didn't even know started also sexually bullying me.

I couldn't even tell anyone because i didn't even know who they were and i never saw them again. This is really getting bad, there are tons of rumours about my sexual life. Some saying i'm gay, have small genitals or masturbate to gay porn. I've ditched class for about 5 weeks because i'm so scared of being sexually harassed. But i decided to came today, and i made a terrible mistake.

My teacher was mad at me because of how long i've been out of school, and also she said she received a really sexual and nasty letter under my name. I got a note in my desk calling me "lil virgin boy" and all my friends started mocking me. I'm severely depressed and also quite anxious about my entire life.

How do i stop this???? This is literally ruining my life. Also it sounds like you are reacting to there taunts so it will focus there in abillities on you. I would put a small bet that they have not have sex themselves as most teenage girls would never dream of it and most boys can only dream of it.

Oh and find some new friends cause it sounds like most of the people you know are dickheads or wankers. Go to the principal and explain that it's affecting your education and if someone doesn't straighten it out, there's going to be some legal action taken against the school. They never want to get involved with anything, you've gotta get tough with them.

But no threats obviously. Morons will be everywhere in your life, don't let it bother you. You are being sexually harassed.

bullied at school yahoo answers

The reason that it escalated to that level is because they weren't put in there place in the very beginning. Talk to your teacher about it. Then when it happens again, make a big deal about it. I mean literally yell at them during class and call them on their abusive behavior. They'll probably be so embarassed they will stop. If not, go to your school counselor or principal.

I am SO glad I came across your question, I happen to have the perfect article for you, it's entitled "How can I protect myself at school? Answer Save. I would put a small bet that they have not have sex themselves as most teenage girls would never dream of it and most boys can only dream of it Oh and find some new friends cause it sounds like most of the people you know are dickheads or wankers.